Cool Days Festival

Res, no res, menys que res

Res, no res, menys que res – Co. Emprunats

The world seen through the eyes of young people.

The Cool Days Festival also aims to serve as a platform to promote and spread the stage proposals of new creators. This is the case of the show that the Company “Emprunats” will offer us.

The proposal has its starting point on the day Pierre Anthon gets up from his chair in the classroom and announces to the teacher and classmates that nothing matters in life and leaves never to return . “Nothing makes sense, I’ve known this for a long time. So it’s not worth doing anything, I just found out.”

Res, no res, less than res is a free adaptation of the book No-res by Janne Teller, a creation proposal based on the text that mixes body and choral work in its staging.

Emprunats is a young company born from the team work and chemistry between its members.

Duration: 35 min / *All audiences